for being someone with a positivity blog you're a rude bitch.


Whatever you’re going through right now that lead you to such a bad place that you felt that you needed to send a stranger a hateful message, I hope it gets better for you soon. If you want positivity, but my blog isn’t for you, I suggest chibird or yasminacreates. They’re incredibly talented people who deserve all the love in the world. I also have a list of positive/awesome blogs that I recommend here.

If I hurt you at some point, I’m sorry. I promise it wasn’t my intention. It’s okay for you to dislike me, but I don’t think sending messages like this will make you happy. This isn’t hurting me. It’s just wasting your time. As a person, you are filled with so much greatness and potential. Spend your time taking care of yourself. You deserve that. You are so so so beautiful and I hope you don’t waste any more of it on hateful messages. Maybe I’m wrong and you’re not in a bad place (in which case, sorry for the assumption). Maybe sending me this message is what you needed to feel well/better. Either way, I hope you always find happiness when you need it.